Nintendo Launches Adults-Only App in Japan for Bringing N64 Games To Switch

Fans of Nintendo’s games from the era of the N64 have been eagerly anticipating being able to play those same games on the Switch. It’s likely a majority older crowd that makes up that fanbase, but some young fans may be surprised to find out they won't be able to access certain N64 titles at all.

Nintendo Japan is working on an app for the console’s subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online, that will be only available to 18+ users. The adults-only app is designed to offer not all, but some N64 titles, the company announced in a promotional video.

As of right now, the adults-only app will offer just two titles 1997’s GoldenEye 007 and 1999’s Jet Force Gemini, Kotaku reported. The reason these titles are being offered on a different app than other N64 games boils down to Japan’s content rating system.

Since both games are shooters, they hold a “Z” rating in Japan, compared to the US, where they both have a “T” rating. Following that logic, it’s probable that any shooters being adapted for release on NSO will be directly considered for the 18+ app.

The app is exclusive to the Japanese market for the time being. Fans will have to wait and see if the US – as well as other countries – get their own adults-only app for “R” rated content.

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