Nina Dobrev Admits to Having a "Love-Hate Relationship" with Her Eyebrows

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At 27 years old, Nina Dobrev is the picture of beauty, grace, hair goals, chic red carpet style... the list goes on and on. But believe it or not, the actress hasn't always been happy with the way she looks.

"I have a love-hate relationship with my eyebrows," Dobrev recently told InStyle. Say whaaat? We think Dobrev's manicured arches are wildly on-fleek, but the actress told us it's been a "constant battle" toward accepting her brows.

"I posted a photo a few weeks ago of me for TBT with my teacher in Grade 6, and I had a boyish haircut and bushy eyebrows--like you could get lost in them bushy," Dobrev said in reference to the below photo.

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Although Dobrev is still on the road to self-acceptance, she's not about to start apologizing for an off-fleek day.

"We all have things that we like and that we don't like about ourselves, and eventually as you get older you start to not care... because you're like this is me. I'm awesome. I love me. Everyone else should too. If they don't, f-- them."

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Sing it, sister!

--With reporting by Brandi Fowler