Nikki Reed on Her Most Cherished Clothes & Why Thrift Shops Are “Treasures”

Nikki Reed may have a handful of high-fashion and red carpet experiences under her belt—she’s starred in Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, The Twilight Saga, and other box office hits—but fashion's a whole other story. Reed says she's yet to nail down her signature look: “I’m still experimenting with fashion and style,” the 26-year-old director/actress/singer-songwriter confesses. “And I don’t think it’s part of an identity crisis, I actually think it’s more fun and playful in deciding who I want to be in that moment.” Reed, who’s newly engaged to The Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder, doesn’t care about a brand, a never-worn-before dress, or a freshly pressed shirt. “I love things that have a story,” she says. “Articles of clothing that feel like they’ve been worn by something or someone, somewhere. And then you kind of take on that story.”

Befitting her outlook on clothes and love of vintage, Reed admits that her favorite pieces are one’s that money can’t buy, like the knits that her mother sewed for her as a child. Those hand-made garments—along with anything "cozy, natural, and organic”—are among her most prized possessions. 

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