Is Your Nightstand a Mess? These 15 Products Will Help Keep You Organized

India Yaffe

My bedroom isn't very big, so the vast majority of my stuff ends up on my nightstand, and when I look at my side table and it's messy, I can't stand it. I like to keep my room clean, and that extends to my nightstand. If you're like me and stuff accumulates quickly, invest in a couple of accessories to keep your essentials organized. Whether you keep remotes, books, pens and notebooks, or chargers and devices on your nightstand, these 15 accessories will help ensure everything has a place and looks neat.

I'm personally interested in the bookends because I currently have 10 books on my nightstand, and I'd love to be able to organize them better. Plus, as someone who loves her notebooks and planners, having a cup for pens seems like a no-brainer. Keep reading to shop my selections!


These Useful Products Will Finally Get Rid of Your Clutter - All Under $25