Nicole Williams English and Ice Spice Stun in This Polarizing Fashion Trend

Nicole Williams English and Ice Spice.<p>Gotham/Getty Images and Taylor Hill/Getty Images</p>
Nicole Williams English and Ice Spice.

Gotham/Getty Images and Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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Fashion trends come and go (I’m looking at you, ballet flats), and sometimes, what’s en vogue is particularly polarizing to the general public (jorts, for example).

Nicole Williams English, a rookie in the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue, and rapper Ice Spice have both recently flaunted their takes on the Canadian tuxedo, which, let’s face it, is a controversial fashion trend. However, we’re totally team denim-on-denim and adore the way the two women styled their respective outfits.

Williams English opted for a strapless Dion Lee biker corset top in a light wash, which she paired with ripped jeans in the same shade. She styled the zip-up top with black sunglasses, large gold hoop earrings, layers of dainty pendant necklaces, a few bangles, and a black-and-brown Fendi bag. The mom of one showed off her ensemble on Instagram on Nov. 6.

Ice Spice, on the other hand, opted for a darker wash of denim. She rocked a spaghetti strap studded corset with a sweetheart neckline and matching jeans. The “In Ha Mood” singer, who shared the look on Instagram last month, accessorized with an oversized “Princess” necklace around her neck and platform boots on her feet.

While they both incorporated their personal tastes into the similar aesthetic, the two women proved an important point when it comes to fashion. Sometimes, the best way to pull of any fashion statement, controversial or not, is by accessorizing with confidence—which they both have in spades.

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