Nicole Kidman Heads to the Office in New Balenciaga Campaign

WOMEN ON THE VERGE: Nicole Kidman’s latest role has her heading to the office.

The “Big Little Lies” star appears in the spring 2023 campaign for Balenciaga alongside French actress Isabelle Huppert, South Korean actress and model Han So-hee and models Bella Hadid and Khadim Sock. Dressed in business attire, they portray executives in moods veering from boredom to stress.

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Featuring the brand’s new Garde-Robe line of wardrobe staples, launching in December, the ads were shot by photojournalist Joshua Bright, who works primarily for The New York Times and has also seen his images published in The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vogue and National Geographic.

The accompanying videos were made by Rosie Marks, known for her portraits of unguarded subjects. The London-based photographer has campaigns for Bottega Veneta, Martine Rose, Ganni and Marc Jacobs under her belt.

Nicole Kidman in the Balenciaga spring 2023 campaign
Nicole Kidman in the Balenciaga spring 2023 campaign.

Kidman is shown perched on her desk in a belted black croc coat, black tights and black high-heeled shoes. In another shot, she wears a pleated white dress with black polka dots. In the accompanying video, she speaks on the phone while lounging on the carpet and slipping off her shoes. “I gotta go back to work. Lunch is over,” she breathily concludes the call.

In a statement, Balenciaga said further videos show Kidman calling a friend to gossip while eating cherries, and breaking equipment in a rage. Huppert reads the numbers on a check over the phone and becomes agitated, then listens to a guided meditation; So-hee does her nails; Hadid sighs while tapping her phone, while Sock scrolls through selfies.

The resort collection was first shown in May on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on masked models, in a dystopian runway display that channeled “Wall Street,” “Working Girl” and “Alien” all at the same time. Kidman, meanwhile, appeared in the brand’s fall 2022 haute couture show in Paris in a silver foil dress.

Isabelle Huppert in the Balenciaga spring 2023 campaign
Isabelle Huppert in the Balenciaga spring 2023 campaign.

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