Nick Jonas Looks More Ripped Than Ever in a New Workout Video

Philip Ellis
·2 mins read
Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire - Getty Images

From Men's Health

Pop star and actor Nick Jonas has always kept in great shape—you don't find yourself fronting a Mark Wahlberg-inspired Calvin Klein underwear campaign by accident, after all—but it definitely looks like he's been stepping up his training routine lately.

In a video posted to Instagram yesterday, the singer gave fans a demo of his "killer" upper body and core circuit workout, which nicely showed off how he's been working on his ab strength and building bigger biceps. And because the internet is a predictable whirlpool of thirst, the response to this entirely innocent content was... a lot, to say the least.

What to know about Nick Jonas' upper body workout

"This is a killer upper body, and core circuit," the 28-year-old singer wrote in the IGTV caption. "It’s not fun in the moment but it does the trick."

However, according to Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S., some of the programming and technique that's on show here could do with a little bit of finessing, especially when it comes to the Cuban press. "The Cubans he’s doing: avoid. Or keep them to a light weight," he says.

Other components in his workout do have value, but form is everything. "The half iso lateral raise is a good idea, that he doesn’t execute well," says Samuel. "His shoulders tip all over the place. Want it to work a muscle instead of momentum? Then tighten your abs, use a lighter weight, and don’t let your shoulders rock all over the place."

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