Nic Cage as the Tiger King Is the Gift the World Needs Right Now

Cameron LeBlanc

Nicolas Cage’s first-ever acting credit was in Best of Times, a 1981 TV movie. Apart from an SNL hosting gig in 1992, he hasn’t acted on television since, but now the Tiger King is luring him back to the circus of TV life.


Apparently, the idea of Nicolas Cage bringing his particular set of talents to the role of Joe Exotic was so perfect that even Nicolas Cage couldn’t resist it. Cage has signed on to play the zookeeper/musician/polyamorist/political candidate/convicted felon in an eight-episode limited series.

It’s not just that Cage is a great choice to play Joe Exotic; it’s that once you hear their names in the same sentence it’s clear that he’s the only choice to play Joe Exotic, the kind of idiosyncratic, complex character Cage has always knocked out of the park.

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