NFL Podcast Video: What mascot should Washington pick?

Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson explain why the name is finally changing in Washington on the latest Yahoo Sports NFL podcast.

Video Transcript

TEREZ PAYLOR: You know what? Yes. It's about time, man. Like, just ask yourself with any of these situations. You know, even the Chiefs, like, ask yourself, was this specific thing, was this specific action insensitive? And if the answer is yes to that or is it offensive, then it's gotta go. We always talk about the importance of empathy. This is the time in this country to have it, man. Like, and if Native Americans want that stuff to go, like, it should go. Period.

CHARLES ROBINSON: As you said, op Eds, political pressure, media pressure, criticism. I mean, nonstop criticism for years and years now. But Nike and FedEx are like, hey, guess what? We're not going to sell your stuff anymore. And then FedEx is like, yeah. And then they're just like-- and then Dan Snyder's like, all right. Well maybe, now it's time.

I'm telling you-- and I will repeat this over and over-- if you want to get to the NFL, the quickest way to impact change in the NFL is to piss off sponsors. We'll talk about all the, you know, the kneeling and the political protests and the, you know, the players putting pressure on the league. That became impactful when sponsors started going to teams and going, hey. This is a problem. And TV networks were like, hey, why are ratings declining? And people are upset.

Like, when sponsors get shaken up, or fans en mass really get shaken up, that's what ends up changing the dynamic for a lot of NFL teams. And it's like, you know, it's all about, when you follow the money, it's as true here as it has been anywhere else.

Part of me, growing up, being 43, Art Monk, you know, Gary Clark, Darryl Green. Historically, I'm going to think of all these guys and that name's always going to be attached to them. But, you know, I also think if they do it right, if they pick the right name, you know, that's not a terrible name, you know, people are going to get over this really fast. Even the people who are losing their minds about this and just can't get over it. You know, it's-- change happens. And roll with it. And it's important.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Yeah. I mean, it's easy to say it shouldn't be changed when you're not the one offended by it.


TEREZ PAYLOR: Like, that's easy to say. Like, you want to keep it because it reminds you your childhood. And guess what? You can keep the colors, right? Like, you can keep the color scheme. But if it's directly offensive-- and the logo of Washington, it's offensive. It just is. Like it's just-- it's literally a Native American man. Like--


TEREZ PAYLOR: Like, I know, it sucks when like, things from your childhood that you grow attached to that you identify with positive memories goes away. Like, I get that part. But, you know, you also have to like, understand that there's something more important here. And I think this is a good thing. I'm glad that, you know, that those sponsors stepped up.

CHARLES ROBINSON: The litmus test, you know, for people who maybe weren't-- there are some people were kind of ambivalent about it. And it's probably because over-- you know, you've known the team for so long that, you know, maybe in your mind, you just never really thought about it because you're not Native American. It's a really easy litmus test for this. Apply any other color before skins, and see how you feel about it. Yellow skins? Ugh. Brown skins? Black skins? None of that [BEEP] feels good. Right? Like, you're like, man, this is all-- so Redskins should not feel good, OK? Like, you should understand that by now.

So I'm curious to see what the names might be. I love Red Tails. Honestly, the Red Tails, I would be all about that. It's hard. I feel like that's the right name. And I feel like there's just no way Dan Snyder gets it right. So I'm like, I feel like it's not going to happen. But I wish it would.

TEREZ PAYLOR: Yeah. I'm fine with Red Tails or Warriors, as long as there's no like, offensive Native American imagery in warriors.


TEREZ PAYLOR: Like, the Golden State Warriors have done it just fine.


TEREZ PAYLOR: Like, I'm good with Warriors. Like, I'm good. Like, Washington Warriors. Guess what? It sounds great. Like, hey. You know, you can keep the same colors. Just don't have any offensive imagery. So it'll be interesting to see what happens there.

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