NFL Player Clay Matthews III Rocks a Man Bun Off the Field

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Clay Matthews for BOSS by Hugo Boss (Photo from Hugo Boss)

Hugo Boss brand ambassador and Green Bay Packer linebacker Clay Matthews III is staying quite busy during this off-season. The Thor lookalike, with perfect long blond flowing hair and ripped bod, is about to make his film debut in not one but two Hollywood films. Matthews and his teammates will make a hilarious cameo in Pitch Perfect 2, in theaters Friday, and soon after the linebacker will appear on the big screen in Entourage with Vinny Chase and the gang. Matthews took some time out to talk to Yahoo Beauty about his style on and off the field.

Tara Tersigni: How did you get involved with Hugo Boss and their “Success Beyond the Game” campaign? What attracted you to the Boss fragrance brand?

Clay Matthews III: I think, first and foremost, the Hugo Boss brand is synonymous with great products and it’s something anybody would be honored to be a part of. When they brought this campaign to me and to Victor Cruz and Demarcus Ware, we thought it was a perfect match, not only for what we are able to accomplish on the field, but also off the field. With the charities and communities involved, it’s important to show that our success is not something we stumble upon — it’s something we prepare for and strive for. There is no difference with what we’re trying to accomplish with Hugo Boss. It shows a deeper side to what most people see on game day, which is just masculine football players going out there and hitting each other. But what’s off the field? The more dressed-up side where you put on a suit and tie and smell nice because of a great cologne. That represents something else. That’s what I find most interesting in the message we try to convey.

Speaking of on and off the field, you’re a third or second generation NFL player, right?

It takes a minute to think about but yes, I think I’m a third generation!

That’s awesome. I’m definitely a third generation fan. So, how do you take care of yourself and grooming? Did that ever come up in conversations when you were younger — especially since you need good hygiene for taking care of yourself under the helmet, the pads, and all the sweat?

Oh yeah, absolutely. Obviously, having a grandfather, a father, and uncle who played before me can help out with things on the field and off the field as well. Taking care of yourself and grooming properly is very important. A lot of that also comes with time, and understand what works and what doesn’t. For us, we hide our heads underneath our football helmets and tabs. It’s nice to shed all that and be able to be ourselves together in a representable manner, whether we go out in public or are doing an event. It’s always nice to show that we’re not just one dimensional, and are able to look the part and be ambassadors for whatever it is we’re representing.

You have quite a lot of hair. What is it like to maintain those blond locks? What’s your secret?

It’s difficult out here. When the weather is below zero degrees and it’s always windy and raining, it makes it difficult to take care of. But it’s definitely a year-round deal to take care of your hair. There’s the shampoos, the conditioner, the polish you put in just to keep it healthy and in line. So, I always try to stick to my normal routine, but for the most part, if you have a lot of hair, it’s not just something you can expect to be healthy. It’s something you have to take care of.


Clay with his long blond hair styled for his Sunday game (Photo Getty Images)

Do you guys ever talk about grooming tips in the locker room?

There are a few guys with long hair and there definitely seem to be a little community of hair care and beauty tips. For the most part, given the industry, I think it’s a little taboo to talk about that topic, so it’s definitely fun to have conversations with the few males who have long hair, but it’s best to keep that to yourself because I don’t think others will relate to you. [Laughs]

Are there any products you can’t live without when you’re travelling or on the road?

I’ve been using a Redken product after the shower, to keep my hair up and in line. I swear by that. I keep it tight back in a man bun I guess they call it, and bring it down for game day. It’s a process.


Clay pre-grame in his man bun (Photo Getty Images)

What was it like when you were filming for Pitch Perfect 2 and Entourage? Did they do your makeup and style your hair? Was that weird or did you kind of enjoy it?

Yes absolutely. You definitely feel like you’re getting pampered when you’re on the sets of these big movies, commercials, and TV shows. For Pitch Perfect and Entourage you have your own person who does your hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and it takes out a lot of stress. I had a good time shooting those scenes. I just got to see the final product of Pitch Perfect 2 and I think it came out really well. We hope that the fans really enjoy our presence in that movie — especially the fact that we just seem so out of place, but we’re also such big fans of the movie, so I think it resonates with the different audience.

Definitely. That’s going to be very funny. So, you’re a big, strong, confident guy. What makes you feel confident? Let’s say you’re going out after a game what makes you feel like, “I’m cool, I look great, I feel great”?

A football game for me is on the line for three to four hours, just sweat, blood, and tears, but after the game, you try to see what happened, whether it’s a win or loss behind you. Being able to have a personal life and put it behind you when you leave the stadium. And at that point, you obviously like to dress nice and feel good about yourself, and part of that is smelling good too. It’s the Hugo Boss Cologne! It all goes hand in hand. There is this familiar saying, “you look good, you feel good, you play good” and the same goes for dressing up and smelling good and being able to look the part, too. Most people only see one aspect of our lives and it’s on game day.


A behind the scenes shot of Clay on his BOSS shoot (Photo of Hugo Boss Parfums)

How do you put your cologne on? What’s your technique?

You kind of just play it by ear, I guess. I’m more of a neck and chest type of guy. I’ve seen people go up and down, or I’ve seen the wrist approach, but for me it’s neck and chest. You give it a little bit, let it sink in, make sure you got the right amount on, if not add more. Go for it. But you never want to overdo it. You want to have a slight scent that people will want to remember — that masculine edge which I think Hugo Boss brings.


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