Serving the Truth with Lendale Johnson on Deuces and Love

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There is no umbrella term that can fully encompass Lendale Johnson. He is an entrepreneur, business owner, professional tennis player, TV Personality, and humanitarian. The drive that Lendale possesses takes a high level of focus and strength that he has needed to find to forge his path to success. As a gay black man in America, and in the spotlight, he has needed to practice self-love and acceptance to find happiness, and he encourages others to do the same.
Lendale came out publicly on June 20, 2020, and he is the first professional tennis player to do so. This is a big step, not just for him, but in the world of professional tennis.

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Lendale is the first to pave the way for others that are struggling to make this decision. He wants to encourage others to have their voice and to speak openly representing themselves fully. He knows that a life lived in the dark is a life half lived. He took this step not only for himself, but to be an example to others and show that there is a place of support for people to look towards if they are battling with the decision to make the move.

Tennis continues to be a huge part of Lendale’s life, and it has inspired a large and passionate endeavor, The Johnson High Performance Academy. This academy was opened by Lendale to provide a place for celebrities and the public to train. His goal is not only to improve his clients’ tennis game but to impact their lives. He wants to share his passion of tennis with others, enriching their lives with the sport he loves, and providing a fun way to exercise. He wants to give people a safe and healthy outlet leading people to happier and healthier lives. Although, Lendale’s aim to impact the world does not just stop there.

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It is evident that Lendale is a passionate person with clear aspirations, and he continues to work towards these goals with no hesitation. His latest project is his reality television show ‘Deuces and Love’, titled “deuces” to represent the fight and struggles of life named after the tennis score. Lendale explains “… because if you’ve made it to deuce in tennis scoring, that means you’ve been through much more than you’d like”. He has a mission to bring awareness to the social issues presented in the lives of black and LBGTQ communities. He wants to bring to light the social issues in the community, the tennis world, and in Hollywood. He knows that with popularity comes responsibility, and he is taking his voice and facing the issues of today.

The ‘Deuces and Love’ project has a goal for an August release. The development for the project has been on hold due to the tennis academy closing due to COVID-19. As expected, this hiccup has not caused any downturn in Lendale’s vision. He knows his reality show is meant to happen to create a positive and lasting impact in the world. He has a Kickstarter campaign for anyone looking to help this project come to fruition. If funds allow, the show will be on Amazon Prime with an expected release date of August 24, 2020.

Lendale is encouraging everyone to speak up, he firmly believes if more people that speak up, more will be inspired to use their own voices. He is taking the needed risks to impact the world, and he is doing his part to lead America to a better future of equality and awareness. Mr. Johnson knows there are better days ahead, and he is helping pave the way.