PRR Training and Consulting’s Flagship Platform, The Interview Accelerator, Enables Interview Success for Applicants

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2020 / Acing interviews is a must for hopefuls trying to land a job or securing an academic spot. Unfortunately, for employees, in particular, not everyone can survive their encounters with their potential employers due to various reasons, including a lack of practice, inadequate research about the organization and position they are applying for, and getting overwhelmed with nerves during the in-person meeting, to name a few. Acknowledging the need applicants have for the right skills, The Interview Accelerator was launched by Atlanta-based career and interview coaching organization PRR Training and Consulting.

Dedicated to improving the candidate experience during the interview process, PRR Training and Consulting takes credit for founding The Interview Accelerator, a widely acclaimed Edu-tech self-paced improvement platform dedicated to improving the candidate experience during the interview process.

The establishment of The Interview Accelerator in 2017 was the product of over a decade of research and development and in line with the company's vision to perpetually adapt to the evolving interview experience and remain a leader at the forefront of innovation for all interviewers and candidates.

While other interview coaching firms focus on specific industries like technology, coding, and engineering, The Interview Accelerator stands out for its accessibility and applicability to most industries. The highly competent team running this esteemed institution helps tailor personalized answers to interview questions, transforming them into less robotic and scripted responses.

Providing clients with self-paced interview coaching for all parts of the interview process, The Interview Accelerator enables individuals to gain the confidence to face interviews head-on. Additionally, it allows clients to tackle the before, during, and after processes with their head held high.

Clients' interview techniques in the different channels-from traditional and phone to video interviews-are assured of seeing improvements with this industry powerhouse's help. More importantly, it does not believe in offering cookie-cutter solutions to the needs of individuals. As the training begins, The Interview Accelerator customizes its set-up to suit the industry, preparing the applicants for success in their general college admissions, media interviews, medical school interviews, citizenship application, government/federal employment interview, and grant applications, among others.

Since its establishment, the accessible and affordable services that stand at the core of The Interview Accelerator have made a difference for students, employees, and the working class, in general.

In the coming years, PRR Training and Consulting will continue its religious commitment to its mission, demonstrating excellence in the conduct of resume critiquing and interview coaching and in the provision of 365 days of support and 24/7 access to improvement tools. Moreover, it shows no sign of slowing down in facilitating top-notch hiring events, networking events, and personal development workshops.

The Interview Accelerator, which has a free podcast hosted by interview authority and author Travis Patterson, is on the move to establish relationships in other countries in the hopes of improving the interview experience for various cultures in multiple languages. All of these initiatives are in accordance with the company's long-term goal of enabling success for tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Learn more about PRR Training and Consulting and its flagship program, The Interview Accelerators, by visiting its website.

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