News Anchor Shares Moment She Swallowed a Fly on Air in Case You 'Need A Laugh'

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Canada's Global News anchor Farah Nasser didn't let a fly bug her.

Farah Nasser, a host on Canada's Global News, had an unexpected run-in with an insect while she was on live air recently.

The Canada native was delivering a news report on live TV earlier this week, when a pesky fly decided it wanted some air time, too.

The video—which Nasser posted to her Twitter page—shows her presenting a story about the floods in Pakistan when she suddenly stops mid-sentence as a bug flew into her mouth.

But she didn't bug out, and instead took a big gulp while slightly wincing, before continuing on with the rest of her newscast. 

She shared the now-viral moment in a tweet on Monday, hoping to give her followers a chuckle, "because we all need a laugh these days." 

Nasser also called the situation "Very much a first world problem given the story I'm introducing," as the screen behind her depicted the monsoon floods devastating Pakistan. 

The award-winning journalist also tagged fellow Canadian, Doug Ford, who was recently interrupted during a live press conference when a bee flew into his mouth. 

"Turns out it's not just @fordnation," Nasser's tweet read. "I swallowed a fly on air today." 

Nasser's reaction to the unexpected snack was noticeably more graceful than Ford's, who immediately tried to spit out the insect that dive-bombed his mouth. 

But as CNN's Jeanne Moos pointed out, swallowing a bee with the potential to sting might be harder to swallow than a fly, although both incidents left Nasser and Ford reaching for water afterwards. 

"I could feel it fluttering in the back of my throat as I finished that introduction," Nasser told Moos of the flying pest, adding, "It wasn't going down." 

Luckily, Nasser was able to laugh about the incident, while joking about her and the fly's "15 minutes" of fame, in another tweet this week. 

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