Adam Gase confirms he wants Jamal Adams on Jets despite his contract dispute, trade request


New York Jets safety Jamal Adams may not want to stay in NYC any longer, but head coach Adam Gase apparently isn’t ready to let him go. 

Gase, who spoke out about Adams’ contract dispute and trade request on Friday, said he wants “Jamal on our team” in 2020. 

Adams is currently under contract through 2021, but has publicly said he wants a new long-term deal before the start of this season. After those talks never took off, he officially requested a trade last week and gave a list of teams he wants to play for instead. 

"This is a tough part of the business, when one of your best players is working through things with our organization," Gase said, via ESPN. "We have to figure out a way to get to a good place, which will get him back, in the right spot and ready to go."

Adams recorded 75 total tackles and had one interception with the Jets last season, his third in the league. The 24-year-old has made it sound like he’s done with the team completely, and even fed into reports that he wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys

Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams stood by Adams this week, too. 

“You never mess with a guy’s contract … I have his back on that,” Williams said, adding that he thinks the “world” of Adams.

Gase declined to say if he has talked with Adams about a deal or trade, saying that any such conversation “will stay between us” in an effort to keep “our locker room tight.” He did, though, say his relationship with his star safety was solid since he arrived in 2019, and that he was extremely impressed with his play last year.

"His play speed is phenomenal, both in practice and on game day," Gase said, via ESPN.

Whether a deal that keeps Adams with the Jets gets done remains to be seen.

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