I Never Thought I'd Say This: These Food Storage Containers Are My New Favorite Thing

I've never been much of a cook or someone who cares about what's in my kitchen. But now that I'm spending all my time at home, it's brought out the domestic side in me. I love baking more than cooking and as I was whipping up my muffins, pancakes, cookies - you name it, I felt annoyed digging through the massive bags of flour or sugar and lugging them out of my pantry. I've always seen those cool food storage containers online and decided to finally buy the OXO Good Grips POP 2.7 Qt Container ($20) for my flour to see how it is.

After receiving it, I realized my huge leaking bag of rice fit better in that size, so I went back and bought another one for my flour, and then sugar. Now I own three, and honestly wish I had bought the entire set. From my loose tea to brown sugar and sprinkles, the more items I come across in my pantry, I'm finding myself wanting more of these containers.

They're easy to open and stick measuring cups in when I'm baking. Plus, they make my pantry look a thousand times more neat and organized. If you're also looking to spruce up your kitchen, then I suggest starting with a set, because I promise you, you'll end up wanting more like me. Keep reading to shop some of its best options, you won't regret it.


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