I Never Thought Epsom Baths Actually Did Anything, Until I Tried One

I'll be honest: I've always been more of a shower person than a bath-lover. I've found them to be sort of pointless; if I want to relax, I'll turn on the TV or read a book, and I don't want to run the risk of getting wet while doing so. It seems like everyone has extolled the benefits of an Epsom salt bath, but I thought there was no way it could be true. How could some salts drastically change the way I felt? Well, I'm here to say that if you're tired, stressed, or achy, you need an Epsom salt bath.

I was complaining of severe tension in my shoulders, lack of sleep, and general anxiety, and it was actually my therapist who suggested I take one. Feeling desperate, I filled up my bathtub and got in. Within a matter of minutes, my entire body relaxed. It was unbelievable, and I was just angry it had taken me this long to try it. That pain in my shoulder was gone, and I felt like I could take deep breaths; I didn't want to get out of the tub. Epson salt baths are now a part of my weekly self-care ritual, and if you want to elevate your bathtime experience, I cannot recommend this enough. Try it now, and thank me later.


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