Never in a Million Years Did We Think We'd See Kim Kardashian With a Commando Style Buzz-Cut

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We often discuss celebrity hair updates, but nothing has quite shaken the table like Kim Kardashian's latest transformation! Things have become even stranger in these already strange times as the A-lister has boldly gone for the big chop, trading her legendary locks for a daring militant buzz-cut.

The reality star is the latest cover girl for C R Fashion Book and hit our Instagram feeds with a shaved head. At first glance, we're left in awe, wondering if this is an homage to Britney Spears' iconic '07 moment, but it turns out Kim has truly outdone herself with this daring move. But wait, there's more! Kimmy is also rocking throwback, pencil-thin '90s brows that have completely transformed the shape of her face as we know it. If Kim wasn't tagged in the post, I bet we wouldn't even be able to recognize her, as she looks like an entirely different person with all these head-turning changes.

However, amidst all the excitement, we're dying to know the truth. Did Kimberly really cut off all of her hair? We know she adores her XXL locks, so could this be a faux hairstyle or is it the real deal? While we eagerly await her next Instagram post to unravel the mystery, one thing is certain — she really is that girl.