Never Have I Ever fans are saying the same thing about the final episode

We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Devi, Fabiola, Ben and the rest of the Sherman Oaks gang in Never Have I Ever. The fourth and final season (cries!) of the hit Netflix show, co-created by Mindy Kaling, aired on 8th June and it was super emotional, with fans saying the same thing about the season finale.

Spoilers below!

In case you haven’t caught up yet, the final episode of the series sees Devi and her friends graduate high school and head off to college, with Devi getting into Princeton and her and Ben finally ending up together (sorry, Paxton or Eric fans!).

never have i ever ending

It was definitely a tear-jerker, and fans of the show are taking to Twitter to share their reactions. “Just finished watching Never Have I Ever S4 and man… it got me in my feels,” said one viewer. “Me after finishing Never Have I Ever and realising I’ll never get it back,” wrote another.

“Never Have I Ever is over. I got my endgame. Devi’s story ended exactly how I wanted it to. I can’t believe this,” shared another fan of the series. “Me during the last ten minutes of Never Have I Ever,” wrote another, alongside a super relatable gif.

We're not crying, you are! Please, Mindy Kaling, we need a spin-off series.

Never Have I Ever is streaming on Netflix now.

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