Is Neve Campbell Leaving 'The Lincoln Lawyer'?

neve campbell lincoln lawyer
Is Neve Campbell Leaving ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’?Netflix

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One of Netflix's most popular shows right now is The Lincoln Lawyer, a lawyer show based on Michael Connelly's book series. Now adapted into a television show (it was previously a Matthew McConaughey-starring film in 2011), the series follows Mickey Haller, a criminal attorney who enlists his various friends and ex-lovers to help him solve cases and get the best result for his clients.

Season 2 sees Mickey defending a chef accused of killing a real estate developer. And while Mickey's faith in his client is part of what gets him a not guilty verdict for her, Mickey would be nowhere without his friends and colleagues, one of which is his first ex-wife, Maggie McPherson, played by Neve Campbell (Scream, Wild Things).

In Season 1, we see Maggie working on the Angel Soto case, which Mickey is roped into after their daughter calls him to help her mother. Over the course of the season, Mickey and Maggie work together on the complicated case while dealing with their unresolved feelings for one another.

Season 2, however, sees Maggie and Mickey share an on and off again relationship, which comes to an end when Maggie announces she has a new job in San Diego and is moving. Of course, that means fans are now wondering if Maggie/Neve Campbell are leaving the show. Will Mickey have a new love interest? And will Maggie return, or will we now see San Diego cases as a regular part of the show? Here's what we know about the future of Neve Campbell's character.

Is Neve Campbell Leaving The Lincoln Lawyer?

neve campbell lincoln lawyer
Neve Campbell in The Lincoln LawyerNetflix

Yes, but hopefully it's temporary. According to The Hollywood Reporter, along with a Season 3 renewal announcement (yay!), there also came the unfortunate news that Neve Campbell and her character Maggie would not be returning for Season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer.

Although Maggie has left as of Season 2 Part 2, the book series still includes her as an important part of Mickey's story. According to The Cinemaholic, Maggie's decreased screen time in Season 2 was due to scheduling conflicts, as Neve Campbell was filming another Michael Connelly project that was ultimately scrapped. Her character was also demoted in the series, so she had less high profile cases than before. It's the reason she ends up taking a job in San Diego rather than staying. But it looks like Maggie won't be a series regular in the future.

Although she may not be Mickey's main love interest in Season 3, Maggie is still the mother of his child, and could easily be called in to help Mickey out with a tough case if needed. We're still holding out hope Campbell could show up in future seasons, even if it's only in a guest starring role.

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