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New high-speed innovations like 5G Home Internet and Starlink have joined fiber and ever-faster cable service to send the internet speed race into overdrive. That’s great news for consumers, but your internet speed is only as fast and reliable as your WiFi system. Pairing a fast provider with an outdated router is like putting a NASCAR engine in a lemon and expecting to smoke every yellow light.

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Surely you’ve done the research and hooked yourself up with the fastest internet provider available. Now pair it with the NETGEAR Orbi 970 WiFi System and create the fastest, most thorough, and most reliable coverage you’ve ever had.

The Orbi 970 Series is NETGEAR’s newest and most elite mesh system, powered by WiFi 7 technology that delivers dedicated top speeds to WiFi 6E- and WiFi 7-enabled laptops, phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

It’s not just about speed, it’s also about bandwidth. There are more connected devices, and therefore more demands, on WiFi systems than ever before. Smart-home equipment, elite gaming systems, streaming devices connected to 8K TVs, and elaborate work-from-home sets make an elite WiFi system like the Orbi 970 Series not just a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

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NETGEAR Orbi 970 WiFi System
NETGEAR Orbi 970 WiFi System

Orbi 970 Series Mesh WiFi 7 System by NETGEAR

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Price: $2,299.99

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WiFi 7: An Epic Leap Forward

WiFi 7 is the newest wireless standard. So new, in fact, that as of the time of this writing, it has not yet been officially certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. But it’s here, it’s real, and it’s incredible. A 320-hertz max channel bandwidth is double the amount of WiFi 6, and it delivers a max of 2400 megabytes per second (Mbps) over as many as 16 spatial streams. Compare that to the 1200 Mbps per stream over 8 spatial streams that WiFi 6 and 6E deliver.

The theoretical maximum data rate of WiFi 7 is a mindboggling 46 gigabytes per second (Gbps), a quantum leap over the 9.6 Gbps of WiFi 6 and 6E. Add Multi-Link Operation (MLO), which lets routers connect over multiple bands and channels simultaneously to increase data rates and lower latency, and WiFi 7 is nothing short of revolutionary.

The Orbi 970 Series is the ultimate early adopter system to take full advantage of this groundbreaking new technology. Each Orbi unit is WiFi 7-ready and uses NETGEAR exclusive Quad-Band technology and 5-gigahertz/6-gigahertz Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul to deliver all of WiFi 7’s insane speed to every corner of your house without dead zones or speed lag. All those bands are like lanes on a highway — more lanes, less congestion, faster speeds.

Netgear 970 Orbi system in a living room
Netgear 970 Orbi system in a living room

Elite Performance for Unprecedented Demands

A mere 10 years ago, the average internet speed was 15.6Mbps. That’s mega, not giga. That seemed greasy-fast at the time when we were playing The Last of Us on our PlayStation 3 and there were a couple of iPhone 5s texters in the house. Now we’re streaming The Last of Us on an 8K television while somebody’s grinding on the PlayStation 5, somebody else is watching the football game on their tablet, and the thermostat, doorbell, security system, and four or five other devices are all hooked into our Alexa-powered smart home. 15.6Mbps wouldn’t stand a chance.

The Orbi 970 is more of everything you need. It delivers speeds of up to 27 Gbps over its vast range, and the new 6GHz band opened up by WiFi 7 ensures top-speed delivery to your devices. The 3-pack consists of a main router and two satellite units that cover up to 10,000 square feet of space and support up to 200 simultaneous devices.

If you happen to need even more than that, you can add extra satellite units to expand your range, the Orbi 970 System is endlessly scalable. Each unit has 12 high-performance internal antennas and amplifiers that deliver 360 degrees of coverage, and there’s an Orbi app where you can set up different networks — main, guest, and smart home, for example.

A purchase of the Orbi 970 WiFi System and Orbi app also comes with a 30-day Premium Plan trial of NETGEAR’s Smart Parental Controls internet filter. This allows parents to monitor their kids’ online time and activity (both on WiFi and LTE), see history and block objectionable sites, and set up time limits for surfing and gaming to promote healthy online habits. The basic membership is free, or you can opt into the Premium Plan after your trial ends.

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NETGEAR Orbi 970 WiFi System

Price: $2,299.00

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Crazy Fast and Hard-to-Hack

All of this speed and power is nothing if it’s vulnerable to hackers, password thieves, and phishers. Keeping your data and children safe from malicious online content and predators is of paramount importance, whether they’re on the web or gaming.

The Orbi 970 Series comes with one year of NETGEAR Armor, powered by Bitdefender. Armor is built directly into the Orbi 970 Series router, so it automatically envelops your entire network and all of its connected devices in a protective shield. One subscription covers your entire network, a vast improvement over the per-device subscriptions offered by many security software vendors.

Faster, Stronger, Better

Internet provider speeds are only going to continue to improve over time. Your home WiFi needs to be ahead of the curve so you can reap the benefits. The WiFi 7-powered Orbi 970 Series is the pinnacle of mesh-network WiFi technology, setting new standards for speed, workload, and reliability. It measures up to the incredible demand of today’s ultra-connected home, and then some. The internet’s fast lane is only as fast as your system can go — max out with the NETGEAR Orbi 970 Series.

Technical TLDR

Specs tend to get a little dry, but we’ve gathered them here for those who like lists with numbers and abbreviated jargon thrown in.

  • Up to 27 Gbps maximum WiFi speed

  • Up to 10,000 square feet of whole-home coverage with the 3-pack

  • 320MHz high-capacity channels for up to 2.4x faster speeds

  • 4K QAM technology for efficient bandwidth usage

  • Preamble Puncturing for wider channel availability in high-interference areas

  • Multi-link Operation for improved network reliability and reduced latency

  • Enhanced Dedicated Backhaul with 10 Gig wireless speed between router and satellites

  • Patented Quad-Band technology 1x 2.4 Ghz 2x 5Ghz 1x 6 GHz WiFi

  • Multi-Gig Speeds with 10 Gig Internet Port for up to 10 Gbps cable and fiber plans

  • 10 Gig LAN Ports for high-speed wired connections

  • Connect up to 200 devices

  • Smooth 4K/8K video streaming, online gaming, and more

  • Multiple pack sizes include routers and satellites to customize your coverage needs

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