Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle' Sounds Like a Hornier 'Love Is Blind'

Photo credit: Kritchanut - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kritchanut - Getty Images

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Fresh off the success of Love Is Blind, a pre-quarantine dating show about finding love while physical distancing, Netflix is premiering another reality show later this month: Too Hot to Handle. Much like its predecessor, the show is largely about finding romance amid unusual circumstances that involve even less direct contact between the contestants. Wondering what all the fuss is about?

Below, answers to all of your burning questions about your next streaming obsession.

So what's Too Hot to Handle actually about?

Put it this way: It's a cross between Love Is Blind and Love Island. According to Netflix's teaser for the show, ten people will descend upon a "seaside paradise" hoping to find love. The catch, however, is that none of these prospective daters are allowed to have sex throughout their time on the show.

Yes, you heard that right: "No kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind." The idea is for these people to forge intimate connections that don't involve making physical ones. (So a less platonic version of the Circle, also on Netflix.) If they can successfully endure several weeks without doing the deed, they'll cash in on an $100,000 grand prize.

Are there any details on the cast or host?

Not yet, but rest assured, Netflix will likely release more details (including actually dropping a trailer) as the show's airdate comes closer.

When does the show premiere?

Get ready: Too Hot to Handle will grace streaming devices everywhere on April 17th.

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