Netflix's Rogue Agent fans are all saying the same thing about the film

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Rogue Agent is one of the new films on Netflix that people can't stop talking about - not least because they can't believe it's a true story.

If you've taken a look at Netflix's top 10 recently, you'll know that Rogue Agent, starring James Norton and Gemma Arterton is currently in the Top 10. The official synopsis reads, "A con artist masquerades as an MI5 agent for years. But then he scams a quick-witted lawyer — who decides to take him down. Based on a true story."

In the film, viewers meet Robert (played by Norton), a con artist who makes unsuspecting people believe he's an MI5 agent. He convinces a group of students to go on the run with him, eventually manipulating them into sending him money.

Photo credit: Netflix /YouTube

As the official description suggests, the story is based on true events - something which many viewers on social media have been struggling to believe. One fan wrote, "I now need to know everything about the 'based on true events' because WTAF."

Another put, "Rogue Agent is a great watch. Highly recommend! Still processing that it's a true story" and someone else said, "Rogue Agent is a GREAT film. U.K. based, with a fantastic cast. The fact is a true story is mind blowing."

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Alongside the dramatisation, Netflix also has a true crime documentary about the story, called The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman, which is available to watch now.

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