Netflix's 'The Circle' Season 6 Release Date and More Details

'The Circle' host Michelle Buteau and the season 5 finalists

Through five seasons, The Circle has become one of Netflix's longest-running reality shows. But the American adaptation of the British series is moving stateside with more catfishes, more alerts and more chances to answer the big question: How far would you go to be popular if there were $150,000 at stake?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about season 6 of The Circle, including when it premieres, how the show works, and the new filming location for the season.

Is The Circle returning for season 6?

Yes! Netflix officially renewed The Circle for seasons 6 and 7 in November 2023. But it was revealed alongside the renewal that the season had already filmed prior to the announcement.

When does The Circle season 6 premiere?

The Circle U.S. season 6 will premiere in the spring of 2024. An exact set of dates have yet to be announced.

What is the release schedule for The Circle season 6?

The release schedule for The Circle season 6 has yet to be announced. However, the past few seasons have all used the same schedule, with batches of episodes being released four a time until the finale.

How many episodes does The Circle season 6 have?

It is assumed, like seasons 2-5 The Circle season 6 will have 13 episodes.

What day does The Circle season 6 release?

Episodes of The Circle usually release weekly on Wednesdays.

Where is The Circle filmed?

For the first time, The Circle is moving stateside! The previous five seasons of the show filmed in the U.K., utilizing the same apartments that other versions of the show have used. However, starting in season six, production moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Who's in the cast for The Circle season 6?

Check back closer to the premiere date of The Circle season 6 to find out the cast.

When was The Circle season 6 filmed?

It's unknown the exact filming dates of The Circle season 6. But the window was likely in the second or third quarter of 2023.

What is the theme for The Circle season 6?

It's unknown whether The Circle season 6 will have a theme. Last season was branded "Singles," though that theming didn't necessarily play across the entirety of the season.

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How does The Circle work?

The Circle involves contestants from all walks of life who are sequestered by themselves in individual apartments contained in the same building. Their only companion is the voice-activated platform called "The Circle," which they can use to talk with fellow contestants. But displaying themselves purely through their profile allows them to be whoever they want, whether it's themselves, another version of themselves or someone completely different.

How are players eliminated on The Circle?

Periodically throughout the season, the contestants are asked to rank their competitors. Those who finish at the top are called "Influencers," and must decide who among the remaining players should be eliminated. Once they have made their decision, that player is "blocked" and must leave his or her apartment. Before they go, though, they have an opportunity to visit any other contestant they want, as well as record a video revealing who they are.

When the group gets down to four or five players, one final rating takes place before the contestants meet face-to-face. The top finisher of that final ranking wins the game and the $150,000 prize that goes with it.

How much are players on The Circle paid?

While it's unknown how much stipend players get the longer they stay on the season, the winner gets a cool $150,000 for finishing in the top spot at the end of it all, upped from $100,000 from seasons 1-3. Additionally, viewers can vote for their favorite player, who will receive a $10,000 prize.

Who is the host of The Circle?

Actress and comedian Michelle Buteau is returning for her sixth season as host of The Circle.

Is The Circle scripted?

The actors aren't memorizing lines or being given multiple takes to get the scene just right but, like every other reality show, they are being nudged by producers and given suggestions on angles. And don't get us started on the editing process. They are definitely editing and arranging the footage to show off exactly what they want.

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What happened on season 5 of The Circle?

Sam Carmona was the rare contestant this season to not lie or withhold anything about her life. Her openness and energy got her into several key relationships and ultimately the finale. There, she was stunned to find out that she finished in first place, something that sent her reeling and put the whole room in tears. She finished at the top of the final rankings over Chaz Lawery, Paris McTizic, Raven Sutton, Tasia Lesley, Brett Robinson, and Xanthi Perdikomatis.

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What is the British version of The Circle?

The series started in 2018 on Channel 4 in the U.K. The show caught on like wildfire, and proved popular with the younger demographic that lives its day-to-day life on social media. Unfortunately, after three civilian seasons and one celebrity season, the series was canceled in the U.K. But Netflix partnered with Studio Lambert to pick up three international versions in late 2018, calling the premise "compelling, timely, and buzzworthy."

What are the current statuses of the other versions of The Circle?

The Brazilian and French versions of The Circle, which aired in March and April 2020, respectively, have not been formally renewed for any future seasons. The British version aired both a civilian and celebrity version in 2021. However, that proved to be the final outing of The Circle for its mother country.

Was The Circle renewed for season 7?

Yes! The Circle was renewed for season 7 alongside 6.

Is there a trailer for The Circle season 6?

Check back closer to the premiere for a trailer of The Circle season 6.

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