Netflix's Andrew Scott drama puts chilling spin on a classic – it's a must-watch


If Andrew Scott was disappointed not to be nominated for an Oscar for the superb All of Us Strangers, he's clearly not taken it to heart. In the trailer for his new Netflix drama out this week, he is truly spellbinding.

Ever since he broke through in Sherlock as the villainous Moriarty, Scott has shown off both his charm and a sinister side that's truly captivating. They are both traits he'll need for his latest project. Scott is playing a new version of the chameleonic title character in Netflix's remake of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Now just known as Ripley, it hits the streaming service on April 7th.

Of course with both the book and Matt Damon film to draw from, I was a bit sceptical that we needed another interpretation of the identity assuming con-man but watching the trailer I'm completely sold. For a start the visuals alone are incredible, if the entire show looks as good as the trailer then director Steven Zailliann will have pulled off something very special. Shot entirely in black and white, there's an incredible intensity in the trailer. It also reveals an impressive supporting cast with Johnny Flynn as Dickie and Dakota Fanning as Marge. This looks like 8 episodes of flagship quality TV.

If you aren't familiar with the plot, I won't spoil it too much. Tom Ripley is a young American man sent to Italy to encourage a former acquaintance (whom he made out to be a dear friend) to return home. Upon arriving in Italy however, and lacking a sense of self, he soon develops an unhealthily close bond with Dickie. After a momentary loss of composure, Tom assumes Dickie's identity for himself. On the run from the police, Ripley also has to deal with Dickie's girlfriend Marge and his family back home.

It's a fantastic novel well worth a read, and going by the trailer, this latest interpretation seems to be pretty faithful to the original. That's not to say it is a Ripley-style imposter as I'm sure it will stand on its own merits as well.

After more Netflix treats this April? Look no further.