Netflix users share hilarious reactions to platform’s new password rules: ‘Love is dead’

Netflix (Getty Images)

Netflix has revealed new restrictions for password sharing, prompting angry and hilarious reactions from the platform’s users.

On Thursday, the streaming service updated its rules for sharing Netflix accounts on its Help Center page. The page noted that one’s “Netflix account is for people who live together in a single household”. Netflix further specified that “people who do not live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix”.

When a device that is outside of the main household signs into Netflix, the person will either be asked to “verify” the device before watching or switch to the Netflix account in their “own household”.

Netflix also noted that the verification process is done to “confirm that the device using the account is authorized to” use the account.

A new help document on Netflix’s site also explained that for people to have “uninterrupted access to Netflix”, they will have to keep watching something from their home every 31 days. If they don’t do so, they will be asked to put in a temporary code in order to log in.

“To ensure uninterrupted access to Netflix, connect to the Wi-Fi at your primary location, open the Netflix app or website, and watch something at least once every 31 days. This creates a trusted device so you can watch Netflix, even when you’re away from your primary location,” the document reads.

The streaming platform acknowledged that if people are traveling or live between different homes, they will still be able to watch things on Netflix. Both the primary account holder and people who live the household “shouldn’t need to verify” devices when watching, despite where they are.

Following Netflix’s update to its sharing rules, users have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment. More specifically, some people have brought up an old tweet that Neflix posted in 2017, which said: “Love is sharing a password,” and poked fun at it.

“Love is dead -Netflix, 2023,” one tweeted, while another added: “Netflix has officially murdered love.”

A third wrote: “Love is canceled apparently.”

Many other people expressed their anger over Netflix’s password rules and claimed that they may be getting rid of their subscriptions.

“Cancel Netflix,” one wrote. “They just lost my business. ‘Password-sharing’ is not a thing, it’s called password-using. This is regressive bullshit borne out of capitalist greed to squeeze more money out of us. People paid for a password and they use it wherever they go.”

“I have had @netflix since 1997 (Oh god 26 years) and their new password policies requiring monthly log-ins and travel codes (treating customers like criminals) AND the fact that they cancel every new series after the 1st season I’m genuinely considering canceling my subscription,” another added.

Other people explained how Netflix’s updates can negatively impact the site’s users, one of which tweeted: “You are so out of touch with your customers...Kids from separated homes, college / uni students, those who regularly stay in hospital, those who travel regularly: armed forces, pilots are going to lose customers even if it’s just out of principle.”

Netflix’s change came a month after the Wall Street Journal reported that the streaming service was launching a crackdown on password sharing. Along with giving the primary account holder codes for users to sign in, the WSJ claimed in December that Netflix was consdidering and testing out a feature where people are charged an extra three dollars to allow sharing.