Netflix Star Barton Cowperthwaite, 31, Shares Brain Tumor Diagnosis

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Barton Cowperthwaite

Barton Cowperthwaite, who starred in the 2020 Netflix ballet drama series Tiny Pretty Things, shared that he has a brain tumor that needs to be removed via surgery.

The actor and dancer revealed the news in an Instagram post on Friday, Nov. 10, with the first photo showing Cowperthwaite in the hospital, wearing a medical bracelet and sharing a peace sign with the camera. The post also included photos of his brain scans showing the tumor.

He wrote, "So…. Yesterday I was diagnosed with at least a stage 2 Glioma. It is a fairly decent sized brain tumor. The tumor’s cells originate in the brain, so it’s not spread from a cancer anywhere else in the body."

Cowperthwaite then stated that doctors believe he needs brain surgery.

"Docs so far have been confident that they’ll be able to remove most of the tumor, and that after a successful operation, and some rehab, I will be operating like my (amazing, talented, brilliant, hilarious) self," he explained. "That being said it seems like scans and check ups will be apart of my life for its lengthy remainder."

The caption continued as Cowperthwaite explained that he and his family were seeking a second opinion and that the surgery would likely happen next week.

He concluded with a kind and hopeful note to friends and fans: "I’ll do my best to be open about the journey on here. I am planning on fully bouncing back to be better than my former glory! Please feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to stay connected with as many people as I can. All my love 💙."

"In sickness and in health, my love," wrote Cowperthwaite's girlfriend, Sophie Thoerner.

She also shared a longer statement announcing the difficult news on her Instagram account.

"This beautiful bright light of a human has been so unbelievably brave and optimistic during such a difficult time," Thoerner wrote. "I’ve never seen someone receive such difficult news with such grace and confidence."

Outer Banks actor Rudy Pankow commented, "YOU are unstoppable man. Yes, it’s a major entry in life you’re going through but not without the support of many through it💪🏽 unstoppable."

"Love you Bart ❤️ sending so much healing to you. You got this," wrote Casimere Jollette, who starred alongside Cowperthwaite in Tiny Pretty Things.

Many more of the actor's friends, family and fans also shared their love and notes of encouragement for Cowperthwaite after the life-changing news.

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