Netflix Live-Action One Piece: Release Times

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It’s hard to believe that Netflix’s live-action One Piece is just about to be released. It feels like it was just yesterday we were hearing about its existence and all sweating profusely about how terrible it could be. Recent trailers seem to have proved us wrong though, and despite some concerns, the live-action One Piece does look pretty good.

With the series set to kick off this week, we thought we’d take a look at when you can expect to watch the first season, how many episodes are included, and what you can expect from the first season of One Piece.

Netflix One Piece: Release Times

Netflix’s One Piece, like most other Netflix shows, will be released at midnight in Pacific Time, on August 31, 2023. This means that if you’re in the US, you’ll either have to stay up late to watch it, or risk being spoiled on Twitter — not the biggest deal for a story that’s over 20 years old, but still a bit of a bummer if you’re looking forward to it.

In other regions, the time is a lot more reasonable. The UK gets it at 8am, Central Europe an hour later at 9am, and most places west of that in the afternoon. Japan, Australia, and New Zealand in particular get some pretty great viewing times for it, at 4pm, 5pm, and 7pm respectively, which should allow for some great prime time viewing.

Here are the release times for major time zones, all on August 31, 2023:

  • PT – 12:00 midnight

  • ET – 3:00am

  • BST – 8:00am

  • CEST – 9:00am

  • IST – 12:30pm

  • JST – 4:00pm

  • AEST – 5:00pm

How Many Episodes Are In Netflix’s One Piece Season 1?

The first season of Netflix’s live-action One Piece will have eight episodes, each of which will be about an hour long. The Australian Classification Board says the entire season runs for 438 minutes all up, which is an average of 55 minutes per episode.

All eight episodes will be available at once, rather than being released weekly, so if you really want, you could watch all eight(ish) hours of the first season back-to-back. We wouldn’t recommend it – for this or for any show – but hey, you do you. Live your life.

What To Expect In One Piece Season 1

The first season of One Piece looks like it will cover up to and maybe including the Arlong Park Arc, which means it will tell the story of roughly 95 chapters of manga or roughly 44 episodes of anime. It might sound like the live-action is cutting a lot out to squeeze all that into eight episodes, but with some snappy editing and the removal of filler and unnecessary moments, we think it should just about work out without any pacing issues or feeling rushed. The episode descriptions tell a similar story, though it does seem like some things have been changed around a little bit. Time will tell though.

One thing that should be noted, as pointed out by the Australian Classification Board again, is that there are some pretty heavy scenes that might not be appropriate for younger or vulnerable people. The ACB says that the first season includes “strong self-harm”, and if it’s the scene we’re thinking of from the manga/anime, it could be somewhat distressing. There are, of course, fight scenes as well, and some characters will be getting injured and hurt, as well as at least one clown, so if you’re sensitive to that, you might want to give it a miss.