Nestlé Toll House Just Released Its Most Crowd-Pleasing Treat Yet

“Buying a bag just to eat it.”



If you love baking, there’s a good chance your pantry is filled with a variety of ingredients. Since you never know what you might feel inspired to whip up, having all the staples on hand is helpful. From cocoa powder and flavor extracts to multiple types of flour and sugar, the ingredients pile up quickly.

But as a baker, you know that each of these ingredients, while simple, is essential to the success of your treats. And it’s not just for appearance; the actual complexity of the flavors truly makes the recipe. Browned butter adds a nutty, deeply caramelized taste that takes desserts to the next level. Chocolate chips and espresso reinforce the chocolate flavor of brownies in a way that cocoa powder alone can’t achieve. These techniques only exist because someone was willing to experiment with a recipe they already enjoyed.

Whether you’re new to baking or a seasoned pro, flexing your creativity in the kitchen can sometimes take up a lot of time, money, and cabinet space. But there’s a new product coming to the baking aisle that will make it easier than ever to liven up your favorite chocolaty desserts.

Nestlé Toll House's New Triple Chip Mix

Nestlé Toll House has a new mix hitting shelves that will save you time and add a special touch to your favorite recipes. Triple Chip Mix is a carefully crafted blend of semi-sweet, white, and dark chocolate chips. "We know consumers love to mix and match our flavors, so we wanted to make it easier than ever by placing three beloved classics in one convenient bag," said Melanie Knoke, senior marketing manager for Nestlé Toll House.



The blend will make it easy for bakers of all skill levels to experiment with flavor and incorporate the new addition to recipes they already love. In a recent Instagram post, the brand announced the latest product, and fans excitedly shared their thoughts. "These are awesome! Cheesecake brownies are on the list now! These will be perfect!" said one commenter. "Omg! This will make life easier since hubby likes white and I like dark and now I don't have to open multiple bags!" replied another.

In an Instagram post from @candyhunting, people shared their plans for using the mix. "This with ice cream," said one commenter. "Buying a bag just to eat it," replied another.

You can use the versatile blend in the same way you would use a bag of single-flavor chocolate chips. That means blondies, pancakes, and double chocolate muffins are all fair game. And yes, you can also eat it by the handful.

Nestlé Toll House Triple Chip Mix will be available at retailers nationwide starting in June.

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