Nestlé Toll House Just Released Funfetti Morsels That Taste Like Vanilla Cake

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Photo credit: Nestlé Toll House
Photo credit: Nestlé Toll House

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Can’t get enough of the classic Funfetti cake? Now you won’t be able to get enough of it in virtually any dessert you bake. Nestlé Toll House has unveiled new Funfetti Morsels, and you’ll want to put them in every batch of cookies, brownies, or ice cream.

The white morsels are filled with rainbow Funfetti, so they’ll add a colorful touch to your baked goods. But that’s not all — the Funfetti Morsels taste like vanilla cake! It’s like you’re taking a Funfetti cake and transferring it into another dessert, so the flavor is bound to be insane (in the best way possible, of course).

“These colorful morsels, filled with edible rainbow Funfetti, add colorful fun to any occasion and make any day feel like your birthday!” the description says. “These fun-filled morsels offer something for everyone — an exciting pop of color for family-friendly treats and sweet memories for those who grew up with Funfetti.”

The new Funfetti Morsels come in 9-ounce bags for $3.20. The chips will be available at Target, Kroger, Hannaford, and select regional grocery chains beginning in August 2020, a Nestlé Toll House rep confirmed to Best Products.

We’re used to eating Funfetti in cake and cookie form, but now we can make anything taste like the beloved flavor. We promise to use this newfound power for good (and in delicious treats).

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