Nestlé Toll House’s New Cookie Dough Bites Will Have You Eating Them by the Handful

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Photo credit: Nestlé Toll House
Photo credit: Nestlé Toll House

Nestlé Toll House first stepped into the edible cookie dough game in 2019, followed by more flavors the year after, and a new flavor just this year. Now the brand is going harder in an bite-sized edible cookie dough, which means no spoon is required.

In summer 2020, Nestlé Toll House released cookie dough bites that were covered in a rich chocolatey shell. The new ones, however, ditch that coating for a more simple offering. The bites come in two flavors: Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Creme. No matter which cookie you prefer, they’re sure to please your sweet tooth.

Photo credit: Nestlé Toll House
Photo credit: Nestlé Toll House

The first option looks like classic chocolate chip cookie dough that has been rolled into tiny balls. For an extra layer, go for the Cookies & Creme variety that features a shell made of chocolate and creme cookie pieces. It’s filled with the brand’s new Cookies & Creme Edible Cookie Dough, so now you can see why it’s such a tough decision. Luckily, no one is forcing you to only buy one variety of the poppable treat.

The ready-to-eat treats will be available at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide beginning in June 2021. To take the treat up a notch, you can you use it as a topping on your favorite ice cream. We know, we’re full of indulgent ideas.

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