Nestlé Is Selling KitKats Wrapped In Paper That You Can Fold Into Origami

Photo credit: Nestlé Japan
Photo credit: Nestlé Japan

From Delish

If you're anything like me, the most you ever do with a candy bar wrapper is shove it in the bottom of your purse to be forgotten about for months. But luckily, a new paper KitKat wrapper from Nestlé Japan is looking to take your former purse trash and make it into a vessel for art.

The company announced this week that it will be ditching the shiny plastic wrappers and debuting paper wrappers on several of its KitKat flavors and products (of which there are MANY in Japan!). Not only is the new wrapper a very fancy and subtle matte aesthetic, but the paper it's wrapped in can also be used as origami paper. That's right; it's time to play with your food.

Though you may not be quite as good at making origami cranes as the promo photos suggest, you can get some serious practice if you eat enough KitKats—or you can go another route and simply recycle the paper wrapping instead. The new wrappers, which were designed to cut down on plastic waste, are set to debut in late September, so if you live in Japan or will be visiting, you still have time to brush up on your folding skills.

This is just the latest in environmentally friendly moves for KitKat in Japan. Earlier this summer, Nestlé Japan announced a no-sugar-added KitKat would be coming this fall. It's sweetened with fruit pulp that the company said would normally be thrown out, making it better for you and the planet.

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