#NerdLife—How Do I Create the Perfect Princess Leia Running Costume

Dressing up as Princess Leia is pretty serious business. (Photo: AP)

As Yoda says: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

That’s just one of the reasons I am so determined to get this right.

Next weekend I will be checking off one of my childhood bucket list items when I dress up as Princess Leia and running in a 10k in Disneyland. Is there anything cooler than that?

No, I don’t think so either.

Run Disney events have become incredibly popular in the past ten years. Originally organized in the off-peak season to bring more people into the park, Disney’s running events now have a cult following and some serious wait lists.

The upcoming Star Wars Half-Marathon Weekend at Disneyland isn’t just about a race, it’s the Venn diagram intersection of Star Wars enthusiasts and serious runners. You might think that would be a tiny sliver of the population. You would be wrong.

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Thousands gather for this weekend journey to a galaxy far, far away that features various runs, special events, Disney entertainment and all of your favorite Star Wars and Disney characters to cheer you along the course.

Races include the Star Wars Half Marathon, Star Wars 10K and Star Wars 5K, and the runDisney Kid Races.  You can even join the Star Wars Rebel Challenge which combines the Star Wars 10K and Half Marathon.

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I had originally thought that finding my Princess Leia running costume would be a cinch. I was not entirely correct.

Etsy was my first stop and it gave me a great start with these Princess Leia running buns:


(Photo: Etsy)

I was really into this entire running outfit, but it was expensive ($128) and needed to be custom-made which meant I wouldn’t have gotten it in time for the race.


(Photo: Etsy)

Etsy also has this fantastic running shirt.


(Photo: Etsy)

A very serious part of me wanted to switch my running costume to Ewok after stumbling across this gem, but it looks hot to run in.


(Photo: Etsy)

Then I found this R2D2 skirt and thought that maybe I could pack a couple of costume changes into five miles.



After a lot of consideration I decided to stick with Princess Leia and only Princess Leia. After all, I am searching for my Han Solo. But I need help. What running outfit can I concoct in the next four days for my Leia running costume? I’m taking all suggestions from all over the galaxy.

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