NBCUniversal Files Lawsuit Over Trademark Infringement of 'The Office' Company Dunder Mifflin

NBCUniversal has filed a lawsuit against Jay Kennette Media Group over its supposed illicic trademark registration of "Dunder Mifflin," the fictional company from the hit show The Office.

According to reports, NBCUniversal argues that Jay Kennette Media Group and Jay Kennette, its owner, "built a business based on registering trademarks belonging to others" in an attempt to make a profit by either selling the trademark back to the proper owners, or causing "consumer confusion" by selling merchandise that feature famed TV shows, films or video games that are not actually connected to the Jay Kennette company.

The lawsuit alleged that Jay Kennette Media Group registered the Dunder Mifflin trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approximately six years ago so it can promote apparel such as hoodies, T-shirts and jackets. NBCUniversal attempted to trademark the fictional company in 2020 but was rejected and is currently appealing the ruling.

NBCUniversal Media LLC, Universal Television LLC and Universal Studios Licensing are now looking to cut off Jay Kennette Media Group's use of anything related to Dunder Mifflin and to destroy any leftover merchandise that features the branding, along with unspecified damages and profits from the merchandise.

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