NBC's Morgan Radford gets teary as loved ones celebrate her would-be wedding day

Like many couples across the country, Morgan Radford and her fiancé, David Williams, had to postpone their wedding due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Yet, while the TODAY and NBC News correspondent and her husband-to-be weren't able to walk down the aisle this weekend as planned, their loved ones made sure they still had a special day.

The couple’s friends and family put together a sweet virtual toast for Radford and Williams on their would-be wedding day, and shared it with them in an online group call.

“Happy wedding preview to the both of you, because that’s what this is, it’s a preview of all the love and affection from your friends and the people in your lives,” a loved one said in the video.

“I will see you soon, I miss you lots, and I can’t wait for that day to come,” another added.

Radford and Williams were clearly moved by the heartfelt video, and Radford teared up as she watched everyone’s heartfelt messages.

“You guys, thank you so much,” Radford said. “My brain’s just exploding.”

"This weekend we were supposed to walk down the aisle... but instead, we ended up walking into one of the most unexpected, and special days of our lives," Radford wrote in another Twitter post, sharing sweet photos of her and Williams dressed for the special day, wearing masks as they ventured outside.

Radford and Williams announced their engagement in November. The pair had been dating for around two years, but they had been friends for much longer. Radford first met her fiancé in her college dorm, she revealed in a sweet Instagram post after they got engaged.

“When I was 18 years old, I met a tall gangly soccer player in my college dorm named David. He had a big smile and a twinkle in his eye,” she wrote.

They became good friends during college and stayed in touch through the years. Then, in 2017, they met at a conference and realized their friendship might be something more.

“That night, we danced, made new friends — but always came back to each other. He looked me in my eyes that evening and told me this was our shot to become more than friends,” Radford wrote on Instagram. “Two days later he saw his cousin, showed him our picture from that evening, and said, ‘I just reconnected with the woman I’m going to marry.’”

While Radford and Williams are of course disappointed about canceling their wedding plans this month, the couple is focusing on the positives.

“In March, it became clear we needed to halt our #wedding plans. But little did I know (surprise!) — even though our planning stopped — the conga line had only just begun!” Radford wrote on Twitter. “We may not be married yet, but we ARE loved. And even better — we‘re all in this together.”