NBA superstars discuss resuming season on private conference call

Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes breaks down what went on during the private conference call among the NBA superstars.

Video Transcript

- On Monday, a group of NBA superstar players held a private conference call to discuss what should be done moving forward with the season currently being suspended. On this call, which was arranged by Chris Paul, the President of the Players Association, was LeBron James, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen Curry, sources relayed to me. Now it was a pretty lengthy call from what I was told, and I was told that all parties involved said that they believe that the season should go on given that they are proper safety precautions moving forward.

So whether the season resumes in Orlando or Las Vegas, or even both of them, they want to make sure all safety measures are taken to assure that they had the safest possible environment. Now moving forward, Chris Paul will relay the findings from the conference call to the league to Adam Silver, and this is significant. Because if this is coming from the superstar players, then you have to think that their teams are on board as well. Because these are teams that are in playoff contention or in the playoffs.

So this whole significant sway, so we'll see moving for how this all plays out. Because ultimately, it's going to be up to the health experts and the government to decide if the NBA will even have a chance at resuming play. But as far as right now, this is significant with the superstars voicing their opinion that they want to go out there and play being that all safety precaution measures are taken.