Troy Daniels reveals food within NBA Bubble

Pics of the food for the first 36 hours within the bubble have been less than desirable.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: So front of the program-- Troy Daniels dropped a pic last night of an interesting plate. It looked like a adult Lunchable.

- You'd probably dive in on that since that you love Whataburger.

- Listen, NBA. Pay me. Send me to the bubble. I can cook better than that, bro. Can you call that a chef-- whoever made that? How does the person that went into the Red Roof Inn they're staying in, and unveil the plate? What did they say?

- But you know who's getting that meal? Troy Daniels. You know who's not getting that meal? LeBron Raymone James.

- The king.

- They got these dudes in the gulag, bro. I don't even play video games. This looks like some straight trash gulag food. They got to fight to the death to get out of there and get a real meal.

- Did you see the WNBA plate? That's the soggiest meal I've ever seen. You could count the wrinkles on the squash.

- Hey, they're doing the WNBA. Honestly, as bad the NBA stuff looked, I saw their laundry room. I seen worms crawling on the floor on Kayla Johnson's Twitter page.

What's going on here NBA? Y'all had about three months to plan. Where's Wolfgang Puck? Can we get some real chefs in there? Can we get a Bobby Flay in there to sprinkle us a little bit?

- Josiah, when you were at UCLA, and you guys did training table, would you guys do like order out? Or was it like, you just went to the cafeteria?

- Hey, look I'm not going to front. When we used to travel on the road, our [BLEEP] used to suck. So what we used to do--

- Oh, really?

- Really?

- I mean, honestly, they would always try and give us these jankee meals. It was always the same stuff. But what we would do is, let's say if it was the PAC 12 tournament, or PAC 10 tournament, or something like that. We would dip off into Oregon's room or Arizona State's room, or whatever. We would know the time schedules. Because they would get hot wings and good stuff. So you know the time schedule. And you basically have to freak it. Go into their training table after they dipped.

- If they were going to hire one restaurant to do all the catering, why not just have Cheesecake Factory? It has a million items on the menu.

- Please.

- Now granted that's not necessarily the healthiest meal. But at least the guys are going to be happy. You're locking them away in Orlando. They're already not happy. At least let them have some good food.


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