Naya Rivera Talks Invisible Skirt, Says Her Style Is ‘Sexy’ But Classy

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Rivera in that skirt everyone is talking about (Photo: Getty Images)
Naya Rivera in a sheer skirt that everyone is talking about. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Steven Khalil peekaboo skirt Naya Rivera wore while out in Los Angeles has been blowing up among fans and fashion watchers. The actress, singer, and author says the whole ensemble came about organically. And no, she wasn’t out to shock anyone.

“I was in a fitting, and I was looking for a couple of different things for the new year. I came across that outfit. I love that bodysuit, and the skirt is amazing. I thought, ‘Why not?’ Let me shake it,” she says. “I’m about to be 30. There are things that I try on and like, but it’s a little young. I’m a mom. I want to dress sexy and fun, but with a little class in it.”

Naya Rivera in one of her favorite looks, talking to Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: Getty Images)
Naya Rivera in one of her favorite looks at an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Photo: Getty Images)

Rivera, who played snarky cheerleader Santana Lopez on Glee and is now starring in the comedy Mad Families, says her style credo varies depending on what time it is. “It’s weird because I’m Jekyll and Hyde. During the day, I’m into oversized T-shirts and dresses and thigh-high boots. If I’m going out, I’ll pull out all the stops — like that skirt,” she tells Yahoo Style.

Of course, as mothers and fathers (and fans of dad-bod) the world over know, being a parent puts fashion on the back-burner much of the time. Rivera, the mom of Josey Hollis Dorsey, 1, was running errands the other day when she realized she had a snowman sticker on her posterior. It’s why, when she’s in mommy mode, she gravitates toward casual gear.

“My son is pretty fashionable too, so I have to keep up with him,” she jokes. “During the day, you don’t want to walk out with food stains or stickers on my pants. It sneaks up on you, and you don’t know it.”

Another favorite ensemble at the Teen Choice Awards (Photo: Getty Images)
Rivera in another favorite ensemble at the Teen Choice Awards. (Photo: Getty Images)

You might be surprised to learn that despite her often-sultry attire, 30-year-old Rivera is quite outdoorsy. In Mad Families, she’s one of three clans fighting over a campsite over the July Fourth weekend.

“It’s funny. I grew up camping a lot with my family. We had a boat and were total lake kids. I have not been camping in maybe a decade. I would do it. Eventually I’m going to take my son because he’ll want the experience. We have all the equipment because we attempted to go four years ago and never made it. We have all these tents and sleeping bags in the garage,” says the Los Angeles native.

Last year, she released her memoir, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, in which she got majorly real about her body image, Glee, and relationships (she revealed she’d had an abortion). “I had a blast with that book. I have definitely been thinking and brainstorming about what else I would do. I have a cool concept, and it’s different from the last book. We’re just trying to piece it together. It’s more lifestyle-y but not what you’d expect,” says Rivera.

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