Naughty Kitten Gets Put in 'Sweater Jail' and It's the Coziest Punishment

It's cuddle prison!

Ask any kitten owner what it's like raising these little floofs and they will tell you it's just a beautiful time filled with cuddles and purrs and sweet little naps with your new baby. Until these tiny cuddle demons decide to eat the houseplants or knock over every glass on the counter or scratch up all the furniture. 

We aren't sure what TikTok user @Jvstssimba's  kitten did to deserve this punishment, but we are assuming biting judging from previously uploaded videos. But check this out to see the cute little punishment this kitten gets! 

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Most of the comments are here for this adorable jail time, with @Cheri posting, "I have pajamas for my cat and realized he did this and started calling them “disciplinary jammies” LOL! @Kieri says, "I tell my little one “don’t make me put you in your onesie!” Adding to this, @Luna&Musha says  "Everyone says they’re scared or stressed when my cat will literally put his head in and doesn’t fight it but still falls over after lol." 

According to some vets, having your cat wear clothing on occasion is totally fine, as long as they aren't crying, struggling to remove it, or showing other signs of distress. It all depends on your particular pet.  You'd never leave a cat in a sweater for an hour or anything, but a few minutes of sweater jail never hurt any feline. 

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