Bring fall into your home with decor inspired by the beauty of nature

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Bring the beauty of nature indoors 
(Source: iStock)
Bring the beauty of nature indoors. (Source: iStock)

Who doesn’t love nature? The Great Outdoors is full of nature's magic: fresh air, sunlight, trees, flowers and not to forget — bugs and bad weather.

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with products such as shower curtains, hanging faux plants and macrame boho throw pillows while leaving behind the bugs, bad weather and dirt.

Say hello to these nature-inspired finds

Liven up your bathroom for fall with this pumpkin themed shower curtain. (Source: Amazon)
Liven up your bathroom for fall with this pumpkin themed shower curtain. (Source: Amazon)

$18.99 $19.99 at Amazon

Transform your bathroom into a pumpkin patch with this adorable shower curtain. Make it feel like you’re taking a shower in the wee hours of a crisp fall morning thanks to the giant pumpkins still on the vine with this shower curtain. It will create a natural look in your bathroom while enchanting you and your guests every time you enter the room.

Earth-toned wall prints (Source: Amazon)
Earth tones are great for creating a trendy and natural look to all your nature-inspired rooms. (Source: Amazon)

$15.99 at Amazon

Conjure up images of ancient desert civilizations and inspire your imagination with this set of tasteful art prints. The warm earth tones are sure to remind anyone of the world's beautiful deserts. Invigorate the minds of your guests with the lure of exciting adventures and desert majesty. These boho art prints are super chic, super trendy and perfect for inviting the beauty of nature in while leaving the heat and scorpions outside.

Fake hanging plants (Source: Amazon)
A unique waterfall design make this faux plant perfect for bringing nature indoors. (Source: Amazon)

$27.99 at Amazon

Bring some life into your space without the responsibility of real plants. Liven up your home with the natural look these plants provide. Adorn the hallways, bathrooms and dining areas with these fabulous decorations. They look and feel like the real thing, but require zero care.

This set of two hanging faux plants currently costs less than $30.00, making them an affordable option when compared to similar pieces priced anywhere over $40.00.

Display your natural accents on five levels of this wooden ladder shelf. (Source: Amazon)
Display your natural accents on five levels of this wooden ladder shelf. (Source: Amazon)

$42.00 $59.99 at Amazon

The natural finish of this wooden bookshelf is light and cozy, making it the perfect addition to any room wanting a nature-inspired decor. The light color complements potted plants and earth-toned decorations alike. Thanks to the sturdiness of this bookshelf. You can even add a couple of potted plants to these shelves to fully create the ultimate cozy and natural space.

Similar bookshelves can cost anywhere from $70.00 to $100.00, making this one an amazing deal. Usually, this bookshelf costs around $60.00 but it’s currently on sale for over 30% off, bringing the price down to $42.00.

Pillowcases (Source: Amazon)
Pillowcases in neutral colors and vintage textures give any room a breezy back-to-nature look. (Source: Amazon)

$27.98 $31.99 at Amazon

These boho chic pillow covers are perfect for anybody who wants their space to look brighter, cozier and more natural. The woven macrame design brings a taste of rustic, cottony decoration to any room. The color creates an airy brightness, adding to the perfect look for cozy spaces. They’re super durable and super cute, making them the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space.

Similar pillow covers and macrame decorations can cost anywhere from over $30.00 to higher, making these that are under $30.00 a great deal.

(Source: Amazon)
Heart-shaped leaves with natural patterns look and feel real on this decorative plant. (Source: Amazon)

$17.99 $27.95 at Amazon

This little faux plant is the perfect accent decor piece for any room. It looks and feels just like the real thing, but requires no extra work. It’s tiny enough to save space but noticeable enough to create a natural cozy aesthetic. This faux plant will last you through every season, making it even better than the real thing.

This potted artificial plant usually costs around $30.00 but it’s currently on sale for over 35% off, bringing the price down to around $18.00. This is a great time to add this plant to your nature-inspired design.

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside this fall

These nature-inspired decorations will bring a feeling of coziness and brightness into your home. Be sure to grab these natural decorations for less before the deals expire.

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