Can You Naturally Smooth Wrinkle Lines? An Expert Says It’s Possible

As we grow older and our skin goes through natural changes, it’s completely normal to see more fine lines and wrinkles popping up around your eyes, forehead, mouth, and cheeks. The extent to which you address them is a personal decision — and if you’re content seeing the physical signs of a life well-lived, there’s no need to address them at all. But, let’s be honest: if you are interested in keeping your skin as smooth as possible, your options seem limited. 

Botox is the most popular in-office treatment for relaxing the muscles that create wrinkles for a temporary smoothened look. But Botox is also slightly invasive (needles and all), costs a few hundred dollars a pop, and requires repeated sessions to keep up your smooth look. Can you naturally smooth wrinkles lines? Skincare and beauty experts say there are limitations — and the effects may not be as drastic as Botox — BUT it is possible. Here’s what to do if you’re seeking natural anti-aging options.

Shop For Active Ingredients

Walk into any Sephora or Ulta and you’ll be inundated with anti-aging skincare products — all of which make enormous claims about how they can address wrinkles and fine lines. Read past the marketing copy and head straight to the ingredients list — because the best way to naturally smooth wrinkles is to use products that contain high levels of active ingredients known to hydrate and repair the skin, says Connie Elder, founder/CEO of PEAK 10 SKIN. “ I often ask customers, ‘What is the difference between a grape and a raisin?’ The answer is hydration,” Elder said. “Hydrating your skin will help smooth your skin.”

Quality products are not necessarily the most expensive or most popular. Elder reminds us. “Look for ingredients that are naturally in your skin; like hyaluronic acid and squalane,” Elder said. “Pay attention to where they fall in the ingredients list — you want them in the top third of the list. Also: look for products with shorter ingredients lists.”

Hyaluronic (HA) Acid Works Beautifully

Hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients to connect with your skin in a highly effective way while pumping it up to new potential, says Makeup Artist Mary Winkenwerder. “HA works almost instantly to plump up slightly wrinkled skin,” Winkenwerder said. 

Whatever the texture, always meet your skin’s care needs with the moisture it needs: Liquid serums, gel serums, cream serums, creams, gels, or balms, keep your skin protected, nourished, and moist. “Layer them according to lightness of texture if you wear them in multiples,” Winkenwerder said. “For example, apply the lightest/thinnest serum first (liquid or gel) and allow it to set. Apply the next layer of skin care according to your needs: gel or cream. If your skin needs extra care, use an overnight care mask or layer your skin care in layers; serum first, then a sheer application of balm.”


There are no magic elixirs in a bottle or at a dermatologist’s office — there are limitations when it comes to every product and procedure. Tempering your expectations is key. “These topical products produce great results, but you need to be committed to applying them again and again to achieve visible and caring results,” Winkenwerder said. “Topical product applications are not outpatient aesthetic procedures, so the results are short-term temporary.”

Experts also remind us that preventing wrinkles is a lot easier than addressing them. In addition to shopping for products with active ingredients, make sure you have a quality sunscreen in your toolbox — and apply it every day, rain or shine.