This all-natural drink is said to be the hangover cure you need after Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday marks the biggest sporting evening of the year and is usually celebrated with watch parties and events that mainly use liquor as their main "morale-motivator." Regardless of how the big game turns out, one thing always follows: hangovers. With the day after the Super Bowl being fittingly dubbed National Football Hangover Day, it's only right to plan ahead for the inevitable and the folks over at The Plug seem to have the perfect cure for what's to come.

The Plug is described as an all-natural sugar-free anti-hangover drink with liver-aiding ingredients. It is formulated to support the body's metabolism after consuming alcohol — especially in copious amounts — thanks to its proprietary blend of 13 herbal plants and flowers that help to replenish and restore the body's state. The drink is also gluten-free, vegetarian, contains no fat, cholesterol or caffeine and is HACCP-certified.

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The Plug Hangover
The Plug Hangover

The Plug comes in four quantities (six-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack and 96-pack) and can be used in three ways: before drinking, while drinking, or up to one or two hours after having your last drink.

With its leading claim being to "restore, recover and recharge," The Plug proves to be quite the success among those who enjoy (responsibly) throwing back a cocktail or two — or five. Reviewers have called the product "a total lifesaver" while describing its effects.

"It's my go-to lifesaver when I want to go out and still wake up feeling good & refreshed," one five-star reviewer raved. "It also tastes great! I would still drink it even if it didn't have all of its healing/restorative benefits. I would highly recommend The Plug even if you claim you don't get hangovers!"

Another reviewer even boldly claimed that it trumps the old faithful hangover remedy: Pedialyte.

"This stuff works. My days of chugging Pedialyte the morning after are over," he wrote. "The Plug is an effective pre-emptive strike. During a marathon college reunion weekend, a Plug a day kept me feeling rejuvenated all weekend long. Need this in convenience stores now."

If you're hosting this year, pass these out right before the game begins so no one has to suffer on February 3. Pro tip: place them next to the wings — no one will miss them — and remember to drink responsibly!