The 'Nate and Koa Podcast' Returns With Surfing, Stitches, and Slabs (Listen)

It looks like Nathan Florence and Koa Rothman both had a pretty epic summer.

The North Shore natives were away from home for most of it, chasing endless swells around the world to places like Skeleton Bay, Australia, Fiji, and Indonesia.

Now they're back home on the "Nate and Koa Podcast," promising they "didn't abandon" us." It's just that, ya' know, "the swell was non-stop."

The latest podcast dropped today and it's captioned:

"We are back! We chased every swell and both got injured."

It's been a a few months since we last heard from them. In that time they've surfed their brains out, gotten injured two days apart, and both recovered.

But, Florence says, he's hoping they "can stay consistent this time."

Rothman does too:

"I think with winter approaching we'll be able to definitely put out a bunch of these because now we can just chill and put out podcasts when we're not surfing."

Press play above to hear them talk about a bunch of different thing including:

  • The injuries they sustained while traveling around the world.

  • The Maui wildfires that destroyed Lahaina.

  • Online "rabbit holes" people can go down Googling the wildfires.

  • Koa Smith's trip to Burning Man.

  • Jamie O'Brien's travel style.

  • Surfing. Lots and lots of surfing.

  • Working out.

Check out out some of the viewer comments below:

"Kudos for speaking candidly & raising awareness about the dubious Maui situation."

"Been watching both you guys pod, but missed the nate and koa together. reunited and it feels so good."

"Omg that was the craziest video you have ever put out when your elbow was squirting blood. Was screaming at you to get the hell out of there. Glad you are all good."


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