Nate Berkus Is Very Proud of How He Organized His Son’s LEGO Collection (We Can See Why!)

Nate Berkus attends the Global Premiere of "Mean Girls" at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater on January 08, 2024, in New York, New York
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How many people here have a love-hate relationship with LEGOs? Go on, raise your hand. You and your kids may love building with those cute little bricks, but storing and organizing LEGOs can be a challenge. Some people resort to throwing them all into a large bag and calling it done. But others who need a bit more aesthetic in their lives may choose to take the Nate Berkus route and store their kids’ LEGOs in this organizationally perfect and eye-pleasing way instead.

“Welcome to Oskar’s domain. Oskar loves LEGOs. They are his absolute favorite toy, favorite activity,” Berkus said in a recent Instagram video posted on May 29. “And his dad loves to organize. I actually saw an episode of an HGTV show and the home organizing team that came in organized all the LEGOs by color.”

“This took me a full weekend,” Berkus continued. “I did not speak to anybody. I don’t remember eating or stopping for a meal. I sat on the carpeting in this bedroom and sorted these. But here’s the best part: That was like 11 months ago and they still look pretty good.”

“Omg that is absolutely gorgeous!” one person commented on Berkus’ post. Another said, “Omygosh! My boys would love this idea, and so would I.”

To implement this LEGO storage solution into your own kids’ bedroom or playroom, you can pick up a set of clear drawer organizers from Amazon. They might not be the exact ones Berkus used, but they match the look and feel of the organization he created.

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Vtopmart 4-Pack Clear Stackable Storage Drawers

Vtopmart 4-Pack Clear Stackable Storage Drawers

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The biggest investment you’ll have to make is your time. Depending on the size of your kids’ collection, the sorting process may take you a few hours, or, like in Berkus’ case, the entire weekend.

But stay strong and trust that the end result will be worth it. Then just keep your fingers crossed it’ll all stay color-coded.

Buy: Vtopmart 4-Pack Clear Stackable Storage Drawers, $21.24 (normally $25.99)

This article originally published on Apartment Therapy. See it there: Nate Berkus’ Clever LEGO Storage Tip Transforms Bedroom Clutter