United Nations Women USA - Natasha de Caiado Castro, Bibiana Gutierez, Gisele Perasolo Alves & Jaime Fraser | The 2022 MAKERS Conference

Natasha de Caiado Castro, Bibiana Gutierez Gisele Perasolo Alves & Jaime Fraser at the 2022 MAKERS Conference.

Video Transcript

HOST: Please welcome Natasha de Caiado Castro, Bibiana Gutierrez, Gisele Perasolo Alves, and Jaime Fraser.


NATASHA DE CAIADO CASTRO: Hello, what a day, what a journey.

GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: A great journey that inspired all of us for action. Rise and Raise Others is a women community movement that is focused to create awareness of how much we have the power to influence the lives of each other. Together with the United Nations, we created an award to manifest the gratitude and the recognition for projects and efforts all over the world that inspire this and the future generations.

BIBIANA GUTIERREZ: We celebrate the efforts of women the support women and girls and intend to inspire others to do the same. These are women who are making the future and also making the world a better place.

JAIME FRASER: We couldn't be prouder to showcase the power of our collective effort to empower women globally here at the MAKERS Conference and give a really warm welcome to all of the nominees and their supporters who are tuning in from all over the world. So way beyond Dana Point right now, we have people literally tuning in from every country around the world to see who the winners are, although the winners aren't actually with us here tonight.

NATASHA DE CAIADO CASTRO: There were 10,000 votes from all over the world. So what a list of the most inspiring women, and they are watching us now. And the winners have been raising women all over the world. So now this big moment I want to present-- we want to present the ladies, please.

GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: OK, better than Oscars.


Category of Education, Carmela Borst is a pioneer on social impact for lower income.


BIBIANA GUTIERREZ: For the category of No Poverty we have two people in this category. The public voted for investor and philanthropist, Dominika Kulczyk.


And the jury voted for founder of the Paris African Foundation Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin.


JAIME FRASER: All right. In the category of Good Health and Well Being, Regina P Marcus, cancer, depression, and Alzheimer's researcher.


GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: Category of Climate Action, Izabella Koziell, who is inspiring women in sustainable agriculture.


BIBIANA GUTIERREZ: For the category of Reduce Inequalities, the public and the jury voted for educator and social entrepreneur, Carolina Videira.


JAIME FRASER: And in the category of Innovation, we have two winners again. The jury voted for Rocio Medina Van Nierop, the co-founder and CEO of Latinas in Tech.


[LAUGHS] And the public voted for Debbie Kristiansen, an enthusiast for women empowerment in Bahrain.


GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: Category of Peace, Justice, and a Strong Institution, two winners. Public voted for Tricia Shetty, who is raising women in human rights.


Yeah, and also jury voted for Gretel Perera, who is creating spaces for minorities in workplaces.


BIBIANA GUTIERREZ: And for the category of Gender Equality, both the public and the jury voted for innovator and diversity activist, Marienne Couthinho.


GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: Congratulations and thanks for all nominees that are leading the change. We will definitely keep celebrating women who rise and raise others.

NATASHA DE CAIADO CASTRO: But we do have a surprise, right?

GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: Wow, who doesn't like a surprise?



NATASHA DE CAIADO CASTRO: So all the ladies that are there, they will receive a trophy. And this is the trophy. Maybe you can--

GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: Yeah, so it was inspired on the superpower that we all have from the "Wonder Woman," so it's a bracelet, super designer.


GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: But actually, we are facing this today and yesterday, the power of the MAKERS Conference. Who is ready for action after all the inspiration that we got, right?


Yes, so MAKERS is actually a huge winner of the United Nations Rise and Raise Others. They keep raising us for 10 years, so--



GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: MAKERS is doing the magic. Jaime is representing, and this is a trophy for you, Jaime.

JAIME FRASER: Thank you.

GISELE PARASOTO ALVES: You're all needed to change. You can join the movement, Rise and Raise Others. Let's build the future together. Thank you.

JAIME FRASER: Thank you so much. Thank you.