‘Nasty’ TikTok reveals why you should always clean the jets in your new apartment before taking a bath

If your new apartment or home boasts a jetted tub, you might want to think twice before settling in for a nice bubble bath, according to one deep-cleaning TikTok that’s going viral.

Nurse and TikToker @_maity gained over 2.1 million views, 224,000 likes and 400 comments when she revealed the mess that came out of her new apartment’s tub jets.

While we’ve seen deep-cleaning videos go viral in the past — as with the couple who made a very smelly discovery inside their washing machine filter, or the toilet seat cleaning hack that sent millions of TikTokers running to examine their own toilets — this tub video is a stark reminder that even the cleanest-looking surfaces can be hiding very dirty secrets.

Now, much like the renter who caught her landlord in an alleged security deposit scam, @_maity‘s video is proving to be a valuable PSA to apartment dwellers everywhere.

In the video, @_maity — who, at the time of the video, had just moved into the new apartment the day before — can be seen filling up the seemingly-spotless jetted tub.

Armed with a bottle of Oh Yuk, @_maity explains that she’d already cleaned the tub twice with Awesome and Fabuloso, but to no avail.

But after pouring in the recommended 4 ounces of Oh Yuk and turning on the jets, she captures the cleaner already working its magic, as dirt and gunk immediately begin to appear on the water’s surface.

After she has run the jets for 15 minutes, a thick layer of grossness can be seen hovering above the waterline — but @_maity doesn’t stop there.

In a follow-up video, @_maity runs the tub once more — again, armed with her trusty new jet cleaner.

Shockingly, even more gunk emerges from the jets, ringing the tub by the end of @_maity‘s video.

TikTokers were horrified by the footage.

“ok now ANOTHER thing to worry about when moving into a new place 😭😭😭😭,” cried @outtapocketthreadz.

“How ‘bout the damn leasing companies make sure these are CLEAN before move in! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️,” @baggsmit commented angrily.

“it is a must to unscrew all the jet caps and the filter in the tub too. scrub the insides with toothbrush. it’s nasty 🤢🤢,” wrote @sillytilly991.

Perhaps @_maity‘s video will encourage landlords and leasing companies to clean out their tub jets themselves, rather than putting the burden on their renters’ shoulders.

Until then, renters would be wise to give their tub a thorough cleaning before slipping in for a soak!

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