Naomi Osaka, 22, Looks Crazy Fit While Lounging Poolside In A New Bikini Instagram

Korin Miller
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  • Naomi Osaka, 22, just showed off her toned abs and butt in a bikini Instagram.

  • She credits her fit body to three-hour tennis practices and fruit smoothies.

  • The tennis champ also does physical therapy to stay healthy and makes sleep a priority.

Being ranked No.3 in the professional tennis world takes some serious hard work, and champ Naomi Osaka, 22, clearly isn’t screwing around in the fitness department. She just showed off the physical results of her training in a new Instagram pic, and wowzer.

"It’s always sunny in...," Naomi captioned a pic of herself in a bright yellow bikini. In the shot, Naomi can be seen peeking over her shoulder while lounging poolside. Her butt, abs, arms—pretty much every part of her body, really—look super toned. (FYI: The photo was taken by Naomi's boyfriend, Cordae, 23—and, um, how cute is that?)

People were all about it in the comments. "Baby got back!" one fan wrote. "My girl trains hard, plays hard and deserves a break in the sun❤️," another said.

About that training… Naomi recently shared details of her standard fitness-packed day with Us Weekly, and she made it clear that she goes all in. "I always start and end my workout with music," she said. "It keeps me focused and keeps me motivated for what’s next."

Naomi also tends to reach for a smoothie before she works out. "My go-to trick is, if fruits are starting to go bad, rather than waste them, I cut them up and place in portion-sized baggies and freeze so they are ready to go for my shakes," she previously told Mind Body Green. She usually alternates between a coconut smoothie, featuring chia seeds, banana, and coconut water, and a green coconut smoothie, with spinach, cucumbers, lemon, and coconut water.

After that, she does a quick stretching warmup and then does a three-hour practice with her trainer, Abdul Sillah. During her morning practice, she says she alternates between doing ground strokes, cardio, and footwork drills.

If she goes particularly hard, she’ll have PT afterward, and follow that up with a snack like a bowl of fresh berries with melon and a sports drink.

After that, she might throw in something physical and fun, like ice skating. And, she says, going to bed at a decent time is important to her. She likes to chow down on smoked salmon and avocado toast, before hopping into bed with a good book.

Clearly, Naomi eats well and works out regularly to crush it on the tennis court. But it being that healthy definitely has other perks…


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