Nail salon employees hit customers with brooms after dispute over an eyebrow wax

A Brooklyn nail salon erupted in violence and chaos on Friday — and it’s all because of an eyebrow wax gone wrong.

Video footage shows a salon employee using a broom to attack an upset customer. (Photo: Mercy Maduka via Facebook)
Video footage shows a salon employee using a broom to attack an upset customer. (Photo: Mercy Maduka via Facebook)

As the New York Post reports, employees at the New Red Apple Nail salon in the Brooklyn neighborhood of East Flatbush attacked customers with brooms after one of the women allegedly complained about her botched eyebrow wax.

Fellow customer Mercy Maduka, who was not involved in the skirmish, captured the brawl on video. She later posted the video on Facebook, where it has quickly gone viral.

“So I’m at the nail salon and they f***ed up a lady’s eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke out,” Maduka captioned the post. She also expressed her anger that the salon staffers were “hitting [the women] like animals.”

The video shows salon employees striking one woman with a broomstick until she’s able to flee out the front door. Another woman can be seen being held back by a male employee. She shouts as the angry staffers begin hitting her and her female companion with the broom.

Maduka told Yahoo Lifestyle that the shouting woman who was being restrained was the customer who complained about her brow wax. The first woman, who was able to escape, is her friend, and a third woman also being threatened with the broom was the unsatisfied customer’s grandmother.

“It was crazy how you can hit someone and her grandma because of $5,” Maduka told Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to the Post, women on both sides of the scuffle were arrested. Salon employee Huiyue Zheng, 32, was charged with assault and weapon possession, and customer Christina Thomas was booked on misdemeanor assault and other charges. Both were released on their own recognizance.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page for New Red Apple Nail salon has been flooded with negative reviews and backlash over the incident. One outraged woman, Jasmine Johnson, shared footage of herself taking part in a protest of the salon, which reportedly forced it to close for the day.

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