Mysterious Website Teases Release Of Long Rumored Ski

Recently, an Instagram page called @salomon.depart appeared, seemingly teasing the release of new, long-rumored Salomon freestyle skis.

Thus far, the page has only one post.

The real treasure trove isn't the post, though. It's the link in @salomon.depart's bio.

Clicking said link transports the user to a Windows 95-style home screen, complete with a couple of icons: a "Recycle Bin," a folder called "," and a link to Salomon's home page via its classic logo. You can also click on the "start" button.

Each of these digital destinations provides clues about what exactly is going on here. One section leads to a video game home screen, where an avatar holds a pair of skis—the same rumored Salomon skis that have now appeared on the feet of several professional skiers online.

Clicking on "Start" takes you to a faux crash screen, where an error message contains what seems to be the dimensions for the new skis.

Navigating to "users" in the "settings" section, you'll find a list of names that links back to the Instagram pages of several professional skiers and industry names—some of whom have already been spotted riding the new skis.

The calendar tab indicates that something—probably a release party—is happening on February 29th at the Montagu Bar in Innsbruck, Austria.

What's the big deal here, though? Skis get released all the time.

Salomon's spent the past couple of seasons crushing it in the big mountain and backcountry space. Yet, they haven't focused on the part of the skiing community they dutifully supported in the past: freestyle (or park, whatever you want to call it).

That's significant because, with the release of the TenEighty, one of the first twin-tip skis ever made, Salomon became an original supporter of freestyle skiing, supplying the legendary New Canadian Air Force with their weapon of choice.

This mysterious, unreleased ski—I'm putting my money on it being called the "Depart"—could offer Salomon another chance to reintegrate itself with freestyle.

To check out the webpage tease, click here.

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