Myles Turner's blocked shots give him top-15 value

Ryan Knaus knows it's only January but he can't ignore what Pacers' Myles Turner is doing and thinks he's an "upgraded version" of Brook Lopez.

Video Transcript

RYAN KNAUS: Myles Turner comes into the month of January as a top 15 fantasy value for one simple reason: blocked shots. He's averaging well over three blocks per game, including a career high eight blocks in a single game, putting him on pace to shatter his previous career high of 2.7 swats in the 2018-19 season, when he led the entire NBA.

The Pacers are leaning into his rim protection, having their wings and guards step up on their man, knowing that if they get beat, Turner will erase mistakes more often than not. New Pacers' coach Nate Bjorkman has referred to rim protection as Turner's number one priority, but he's also very involved offensively. He's averaging 12.7 points in line with his career average, and he's attempting a career high 5.23 pointers per game. He's been almost flawless at the free throw line at above 90%, racking up steals at a career best rate and getting just enough rebounds to satisfy most fantasy managers. He's basically the upgraded model of late career Brook Lopez with the twin fantasy pillars of 3-point shooting and blocks. Only Myles Turner happens to be eight years younger.