What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Needs Most From Romantic Relationships

In these quick-swiping times, all relationship types seem to be on the table. Whether it’s a casual “see ya when I see ya” deal or an attached-at-the-hip romance you crave—well, you do you. But sometimes, what you think you want in a romantic sitch might not match up with what will actually work best for you. You say you want someone who’ll join you for spin class, Netflix marathons, and everything in between, but your new beau’s constant company is driving you insane. What gives? Your Myers-Briggs personality type could be the key you need to unlock your particular relationship needs. (Don’t know what your type is? Read this and come back!) Every personality is looking for something just a little bit different: ISFPs and ENTPs are deeply independent, for example, whereas ESTJs and INFJs prefer tighter bonds with their partners and more time spent together. What does your type need? Homepage image credit: Getty Images